Petlinks Catnip Spin


Petlinks Catnip Spin Cat Toy is made for pure kitty enjoyment. This super-fun toy is made of our pure and potent catnip, compressed into a ball shape cats love rolling around. Natural oils in the catnip trigger a burst of energy in most cats, attracting them and stimulating play over and over again. This toy also helps safely satisfy your cat’s instinctive drive to hunt. And it helps transform playtime into exercise time, encouraging even inactive cats to chase, pounce and leap. This catnip toy adheres to the highest safety standards, being completely free of pesticides, chemicals and fillers.

Key Benefits
  • Made with catnip produced to the highest standards
  • Ball shape cats love rolling around
  • Safely satisfies your cat’s instinctive drive to hunt
  • Encourages exercise, even with inactive cats
  • Completely free of pesticides, chemicals and fillers

Intended for use by pets only.

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