JW Cataction Feather Ball with Bell

The JW Pet Cataction collection is sure to be a favorite addition to your furry friend's stash of toys. The JW Feather Ball's small round cutouts allow wispy, fluffy feathers to peek out and tease your kitty, kicking Fluffy's hunting instincts into high gear. Rattle Ball will will entertain your cat with its sparkling rattle yarn ball within a larger ball with hexagon holes. Watch your cat reach in and try to bat the inner ball for hours of fun. Feather Ball with Bell's tiny hexagon cutouts allows a large, sturdy bell inside for your cat to swat, attack, and pounce. Football Streamer's crunchy, crackly material fills the tiny oval cutouts for an attention-grabbing, enchanting sound your kitty will love. JW Cataction toys will keep your kitty moving, and get tons of healthy exercise cleverly disguised as fun and bring out your cat's natural catching instincts. Made to last with its durable design that is made to last and can be bounced or pounced for many fun moments. Made with your cat's well-being in mind. Made from non-toxic durable rubber.


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