Hunter Cat Elroy the Dog

Just like humans cats also have their predilections. This is true also--and mainly--of their toy. Some like them colourful, others love toys made of natural materials,
still others prefer playing only with feathers or paper. ELROY cat toys are available in various shapes and designs so that there is something there even for your
idiosyncratic cat. ELROY toys are made of polyester so that they can withstand even the most intensive playing. The filling consists of catnip, which arouses your
cat’s interest in this new toy and encourages it to play. As already mentioned, cats have their own preferences when it comes to toys. In order for ELROY cat toys to
be interesting for all cats, we have ELROY as toy figures and as cat teasers. Depending on the mood, either you and your cat could play together, or your cat could
amuse itself alone with the ELROY toys. ELROY toys are available in various amusing plush toy shapes and designs, even that of a dog! No cat can resist that.

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