Feline Fresh Litter


Pine Pellet

Feline Fresh® Natural Pine Cat Litter utilizes a natural by-product of the lumber industry, Southern Pine, and pelletizes the product for maximum performance.


We process the pellets so they are completely clean, sterile, dust free and healthy.

No tracking or sticking to your cat's fur or feet.

Compact pellets are economical, making this a great value!

Long lasting in the box.

Veterinarian approved for post surgery care PLUS It's environmentally friendly!

Clumping Pine

Scoopable Feline Fresh® will absorb the moisture, neutralize the odor and form a firm clump that can easily be scooped out. The product is lightweight, has a higher yield than traditional clumping cat litter and the biodegradable clumps can be safely flushed down the toilet. Like the original Feline Fresh® pine pellet cat litter, they both leave the litter box clean, with a fresh scent. Feline Fresh® is free of silica dust, non-toxic and completely safe for all pets and people, even if ingested.