EQyss Marigold Spray

Premier Marigold Spray is a safe botanical spray. Shines and moisturizes the coat and minimizes dry skin conditions. Detangles the mane and tail and enhances the color. Not sticky, does not attract dust. You can use it safely on your horse's head and ears. The non-slip formula can also be used on the saddle area.


Though officially sold as a grooming spray, customers have been using EQyss Premier Spray Marigold Scent rehydrant as an all-natural fly repellent for years. This great smelling non-insecticidal, non-toxic, alcohol- free spray imparts a beautiful shine to your horse's coat! It contains no silicone so can be used under the saddle area without causing slippage. Premier Spray Marigold Scent is non-sticky and non-staining.


Environmentally friendly and safe to use around your horse's eyes and face, EQyss Marigold spray hydrates skin and detangles manes and tails while conditioning them. Also great for use on pets, Marigold spray repels dust and dirt. Try some today and see why EQyss Marigold spray is a customer favorite at Mary's for both horses and dogs! EQyss Marigold Spray is available in the 32 oz. (one quart) refillable spray bottle.